• Energy Industries and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, covers the exploitation of energy resources—such as coal, petroleum, and wood—and the innovations that may provide the energy we need for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.
  • The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction takes computing into new realms, introducing us to topics that are intriguing both in their technical complexity and because they present us — human beings — with a set of challenging questions about our relationship with "thinking" machines.
  • This Is China: The First 5,000 Years contains, in brief, everything we need to know about 5,000 years of history, 30 years of “opening,” and a future that promises to shape the 21st century for all of us.
  • The Berkshire Manual of Style for International Publishing is a unique repository of guidelines, rules, and exceptions to rules; meditations and asides on writing and word use; and publishing lore. Berkshire offers sage advice for anyone who cares about how we all use the written word to convey information and to communicate with one another.
  • Challenge to China draws attention to an underappreciated aspect of legal reforms in Taiwan: its 2009 abolition of labor camps for liumang, very loosely translated as "hooligans," and asks how Taiwan's experience might be relevant to its giant neighbor across the Taiwan Strait.
  • This Is Islam presents a lively introduction to a religion that has a dramatic history and plays a crucial role in the world today.
  • Visit beautiful Prince Edward Island in the 1920s in these stories of Summers Long Ago spent by a city boy who grew up to be a famous world historian.
  • China Gold: China's Quest for Olympic and Global Glory is a guide to Chinese sports and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and an easy way to get to know China - not only in sports but in business, science, and technology.
  • A gorgeous coffee table book showcasing an icon of American life, the public library. Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love is a treasure trove of historical information, inspiring stories, and beautiful images. Join us in celebrating the libraries we love!
  • If you've given up hope for planet Earth, the Armchair Environmentalist is the book to restore your faith. Focusing on what really matters - simple changes, and new habits - it shows that each of us can make a difference, even in only a few minutes a day.
  • The Little Book of Mormon, a Berkshire Essential, offers coverage of topics such as church-state relations, environmental interests of the church, and the religions potential in future US social and political agendas.
  • In Ecosystem Services for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, environmental scientists and ethicists explore the variety of benefits that ecosystems provide. The articles are written for the general reader interested in learning how nature provides for humankind, and how humankind can protect those valuable natural resources.


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