World History Teaching in Asia: A Comparative Survey


World History Teaching in Asia is the first broad survey of the content and approaches used to teach world history in secondary schools and colleges in Asia.

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World History Teaching in Asia is the first broad survey of the content and approaches used to teach world history in secondary schools and colleges in Asia. The collection has been crafted by scholars and educators whose goal was to shed light on the importance of history education and to foster understanding of and between Asian countries. These essays show how the teaching of world history in Asian countries has developed since World War II, with many interesting parallels, including the issue of Eurocentrism, but also distinctive national trends, and considerable changes over time. At a time when many Asian countries are making great strides in education, this study of history education in Asia will be of real interest to educators, history scholars, and policy-makers worldwide.




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  1. J. R. McNeill, Georgetown University

    World History Teaching in Asia is a timely and illuminating volume that explains how roughly forty percent of humankind learns history. The eight countries represented here all teach, learn, and understand history differently, which goes a long way towards accounting for why people in them see the world today as they do. Every teacher of world history can learn something useful from this book.”

  2. Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Australian National University

    “Eye opening, engaging, salutary, inspiring. Welcome to the global story of world history teaching, in which Asia quite rightly plays a significant part. World History Teaching in Asia is a must read for anyone who wishes to see and to extend curriculum, teaching and textbook approaches in a global light.”

  3. Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, president, World History Association

    “A wonderful collection of essays that examine the recent past and present of world history teaching in eight countries of East and Southeast Asia. Young people meet the wider world on the screens in their hands, but also in the classroom, and this book will provide readers with insights into what this means for millions of young people.”

  4. Shigeru AKITA, Osaka University, president of the Asian Association of World Historians

    “How fascinating it is to know a new challenging trend of World History education in Asian Countries through this book—by overcoming national-history boundaries and Eurocentrism, and more transregional approaches in Asia. We can identify an intimate collaboration between historians and excellent school-teachers for the creation of World/Global histories from Asian perspectives.”

  5. Ruth Hayhoe, University of Toronto and Education University of Hong Kong

    “This fascinating volume looks at the teaching of world history – a topic of significance and sensitivity for intra-Asian relations – in schools in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. It will enable readers to understand how Asian countries are educating the younger generation through their distinctive interpretations of world history as against a long dominant Euro-centric version of world history. This will shape the citizens of a rising Asia and their future engagement in global governance.”

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