The downloads on this page are PDFs, some in color, from Berkshire’s publications and media. One old favorite, still very useful, comes from our first independently published encyclopedia, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History: “How to Spell It and How to Say It: 100 Important People, Places, and Terms in World History.” And we love the coloring maps! They are provided under a Creative Commons license and are not to be used commercially or resold.

Sample Chapters

  • Gaia Theory by James Lovelock (Encyclopedia of World Environmental History)
  • Gangs (Encyclopedia of Community)
  • Ukraine (Encyclopedia of Sustainability)
  • Literature by Allen Guttmann (Encyclopedia of World Sport)
  • #MeToo and Its Impact by Karen Christensen (Women and Leadership)

Stamped PDF ebooks also for sale. Click here for a list.

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