Find out how the Chinese people see themselves, in this first-ever English compact online edition of the famous Chinese reference work, the 74-volume Encyclopedia of China. Coverage includes well-known subjects such as provinces and cities, dynasties, and ethnic groups, but also intriguing specialized topics that are not found in Western reference sources.

The articles have been polished by a team of US copyeditors who read Chinese, whose objective was to provide an accurate rendition of the original text. This gives English readers, for the first time, the ability to read what Chinese people and Chinese students read. These articles will also be valuable to US students studying Chinese and will be an important resource in libraries serving Chinese communities, as well as to anyone who wants to understand China.

Publication of ECPH’s China Encyclopedia USA completes the circle that was begun by the Chinese president Deng Xiaoping in 1980, when he encouraged ECPH to create a Chinese edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. This new resource offers international readers, for the first time, a famous work familiar to millions of Chinese students and educators – a new window into China, from Beijing’s Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, brought to you by Berkshire Publishing Group.

It’s the Year of the Dragon!