The 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, the world’s foremost resource on this crucial topic, provides authoritative coverage of the growing body of knowledge about ways to restore the planet. Focused on solutions, this interdisciplinary print and online publication draws from the natural, physical, and social sciences, and from philosophy and religion. The result is a unified, organized, and peer-reviewed resource on sustainability that connects academic research to real-world challenges and provides a balanced, trustworthy perspective on global environmental issues in the 21st century.

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    Home Ecology: how to make your world a better place is not a green consumer guide. It is about living better, not buying better. Karen Christensen discusses ecological issues such as conservation, pollution, and recycling in terms of simple. There are many practical suggestions covering all areas of domestic, social, and working life, from the importance of utilizing natural sunlight, to growing organic tomatoes in a windowbox or substituting natural and biodegradable cleaners instead of bleach. Home Ecology isn't about guilt, or perfection, but about beginning a process of change to a healthy, sustainable way of life. Alan Durning of the Worldwatch Institute called Home Ecology is the pick of the environmental lifestyle titles of the '90s because of its “humor and common sense critique of consumerism.” Home Ecology was first published in the UK by Arlington Books, and later in the United States by Fulcrum Books.
  • An Overview of Our Impact on Planet Earth and the Natural Forces Shaping Our Future
  • Second Edition available 2022

    A new edition of the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is underway. No other reference so thoroughly and dynamically surveys the history, current research, and developments that are of vital interest to students, professionals, and general readers. No library can be called complete without it. The 1,200+ articles in this unique set will provide more complete but succinct coverage of global environmental challenges. They are written by over one thousand experts in business, law, ecosystem and resource management, environmental history, ethics and philosophy, and much more. Authors include David Christian, Wes Jackson, Reid Lifset, Saskia Sassen, and Mary Evelyn Tucker. Endorsements came from global environmental leaders including Gro Harlem Brundtland, Denis Hayes, Isabel Hilton, and Bill McKibben. Download the 4-page flyer. The second edition of the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability combines all the entries in a single, integrated A-Z work, fully updated and enhanced with dozens of new articles. New topics include:
    • Agriculture, Regenerative
    • Bitcoin Mining
    • Building Automation
    • Cloud Computing
    • Diet, Plant-rich
    • Food Waste
    • Silvopasture
    • Wind Turbines
    For a preview, see our Advance Articles by clicking here.
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    Religion and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores the ties between humans and their environment across a wide range of perspectives: from Buddhism, Bahai, Hinduism, and Daoism to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as those of indigenous traditions around the world.
  • Natural Resources for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, includes thirty-two articles covering the nature, extraction, and uses of today’s most important natural resources, concerns, and management approaches.
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    Finance and Investment for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores how a green economy can be created and sustained - using sustainability in both the environmental and financial sense of the word.
  • Business Strategies and Management for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores how a green economy can be created and sustained. Articles cover a wide variety of topics including “greenwashing,” local economies, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Energy Industries and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, covers the exploitation of energy resources—such as coal, petroleum, and wood—and the innovations that may provide the energy we need for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.
  • If you've given up hope for planet Earth, the Armchair Environmentalist is the book to restore your faith. Focusing on what really matters - simple changes, and new habits - it shows that each of us can make a difference, even in only a few minutes a day.
  • In Ecosystem Services for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, environmental scientists and ethicists explore the variety of benefits that ecosystems provide. The articles are written for the general reader interested in learning how nature provides for humankind, and how humankind can protect those valuable natural resources.
  • Environmental Law and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, introduces environmental regulations and agreements from around the world, with a focus on those with the most potential for international impact.
  • The 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is a unified resource that provides a balanced perspective on 21st-century global environmental issues.

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