Our mission is to support learning at all levels, from the curious high-school student in a developing country to the professional person who wants to get up to speed on a subject outside his or her expertise. Berkshire’s tagline is “Knowledge for our common future.” We have an insatiable curiosity about the big wide world.

William H. McNeill, senior editor of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama in 2010.

Planet Earth seems to be spinning faster all the time. New and complex challenges face us, along with new and exciting opportunities. Berkshire has focused on subjects that really matter, where vital research is being done and where there are new careers opening up. Our books and articles are peer-reviewed and we have many well-known scholars amongst our contributors. We’re known for asking “How?” and “Why?”  – not just Who, What, When, and Where – and we’re are convinced that today’s knowledge as well as the wisdom of ages past will enable us to face the future.

Encyclopedia of China contributors map.

The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China had more than 300 contributors from all over the world.

Join our community of scholars, writers, students, and teachers who share a heartfelt desire to explore and understand the complex world of the 21st century. Our books are meant for global citizens who want to make the world a better place, and to create them we work with thousands of experts around the world.

In early days, Berkshire was an academic reference book producer, developing encyclopedias for Scribners, Routledge, Macmillan, and other major publishers, and creating the titles that launched the SAGE Reference imprint.

Berkshire is owned by Karen Christensen and operates internationally from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. For more Berkshire Publishing history, click here.

Karen Christensen

Karen Christensen, CEO of Berkshire Publishing, speaking in Taiwan in 2013.

Berkshire works with editors, researchers, and support staff in different parts of the world, and is based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and New York City. Our books, ebooks, and databases are available directly from us and sold through all major wholesalers. Eurospan handles print sales in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, and Berkshire encyclopedias are available online from Oxford University Press. Click here to download our latest catalog.

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