Sports are among the world’s biggest industries, and they have a vital social role to play: they create shared languages, highlight our aspirations and values, and fulfill our need for physical achievement and adventure. Berkshire provides the best sports coverage anywhere, on the culture, history, and business of sports around the world.

  • Touchdown: An American Obsession is the first comprehensive guide to the history and culture of the sport, covering US college football as well as professional football worldwide.
  • China Gold: China's Quest for Olympic and Global Glory is a guide to Chinese sports and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and an easy way to get to know China - not only in sports but in business, science, and technology.
  • The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports presents in one volume all that we know about extreme sports: the individualist, adventure-type sports such as bungee jumping, dirt biking, sky surfing, and rock climbing that are the fastest growing segment of the sports world.
  • In one reference resource, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport provides - for the first time - everything and anything you want to know about sports, from Mayan ball courts to high-tech steroid labs.
  • The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport provides comprehensive coverage of the culture, history, and business of sports around the world. The third edition integrates Berkshire's past work on women in sports and extreme sports into a complete sporting library.
  • The three-volume International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports is the largest and most comprehensive work about women's sports ever published.

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