• Religion and Belief Systems in World History, a Berkshire Essential, explores humanity's desire for spiritual sustenance in prehistory. Based on archaeological evidence of gravesites dating to over 70,000 years ago, many neuroscientists believe humans are hard-wired to seek meaning through rites and ceremonies, myth and symbols, ideas and behaviors.
  • Africa in World History, a Berkshire Essential, stresses Africa's interrelatedness to other regions and cultures, from early trade routes, the arrival of Christianity and Islam, and the ramifications of colonialism to contemporary issues such as HIV/AIDS and apartheid that have thwarted Africa's efforts to establish unity.
  • Art in World History, a Berkshire Essential, put readers in touch with art from the Paleolithic period and the millennium-long heyday of porcelain, to performance art of the postmodernist world.
  • Education in China, a Berkshire Essential, provides unique coverage about learning at all levels. China has the largest higher-education system in the world, and the Chinese are known worldwide as top students and scholars.
  • Prize-winning historian David Christian takes us on a fascinating journey, telling the story of the universe and history of humanity in only 102 pages. We start with the Big Bang, move on to the earliest era of human foragers, then learn about to the invention of agriculture and the spread of humans around the world. We finally arrive in the twenty-first century, the Anthropocene epoch. This popular book, now in its sixth printing, was designed for students and also includes an appendix about AP World History Teacher’s Guide by Bob Bain and Lauren McArthur Harris.. There are numerous “Thought Experiments” guaranteed to spark discussion about the past, present, and future. Welcome to This Fleeting World. “History teachers wrestling with the question How do I teach all the stuff that makes up world history? might find some answers here. Rather than focus on the minutiae of details, Christian suggests teaching from the big picture. When flying above familiar terrain, he writes, “From the plane you will not see many details, but you will get a clearer sense of the landscape. Individual objects may be blurred, but you will see the relationship between them more easily.” The book can easily be read in one sitting and should prove to be a valuable classroom resource.” --Voya
  • Rachel's Roses is an introduction to the cycles of nature: a little girl learns how flowers bloom and fade and bloom again. Recorded in 2020 for children in COVID-19 lockdown by a UK teacher, Mrs. Stemps. Listen here. "A stunning picture book for under-fives to treasure."—The Times "All the right elements are there: real characters, interesting information, delightful illustrations and a warm uncomplicated story which never forgets to keep the child's feelings at the centre"—Montessori Education
  • Eco Living is the essential handbook for green living today.  It contains all the information you need in a clear, easy-to-follow form, so that you can ensure your whole lifestyle is ecologically sound. In addition to practical recycling and  housecleaning guidelines,  Eco Living looks at ways to keep fit, the ecological impact of sports like golf and skiing, and important aspects of travel and leisure. Eco Living covers all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle. “We can make a difference – Karen Christensen’s book shows us how’ --Anita Roddick OBE, founder of The Body Shop


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