To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, here are our favorite New Year PSAs (Public Service Announcements) from CCTV in China, with English subtitles, and sample lessons about dragon proverbs from Berkshire’s Becoming a Dragon: Forty Chinese Proverbs for Lifelong Learning and Classroom Studywritten and translated by Haiwang Yuan.

Here are 3 lessons from the book Becoming a Dragon, for free download.



Each chapter consists of an English language version of the story, a full-length Chinese story in simplified characters, vocabulary, and example sentences or short conversations. At the beginning of each story, the meaning of individual characters is given, the proverb is literally translated, the meaning of the proverb is given, and an English-language equivalent is mentioned, if there is one. For each proverb, we have provided some information about the background or original source, which can be found at the beginning of each chapter. Words and phrases that are included in the vocabulary list are underlined in the Chinese text. At the back of the book you will find an alphabetical list of proverbs (arranged by pinyin), a topical list of proverbs, as well as a glossary of names and terms.