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  • Lucid and authoritative, this work - called "the newest sporting bible" by The Times of London - covers every Olympic sport, obscure activities such as buzkashi and jousting, and indigenous games in dozens of nations. This set, the original Encyclopedia of World Sport developed for ABC-CLIO by Berkshire Publishing during its days as a book packager, is packed with everything you could possibly want to know about hundreds of sports. Along with detailed information on how sports are played around the world, the Encyclopedia of World Sport explores emotions and issues surrounding the sporting life and looks at sport as an essential part of the human experience. Readers will find fascinating entries on baseball and badminton, tennis and takraw, as well as on an incredible range of activities played around the globe from ancient times up to the present.
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    Women: A World History

    Women: A World History was written for students in world history, women’s history, introductory sociology and anthropology courses, and women’s studies courses. It is also a helpful and engaging guide for the general reader who wants to understand why “women’s history” exists and how it expands traditional thinking about the past. Historian Pamela McVay explores the evolving roles of women in all parts of the world and focuses on issues particularly important in women’s lives such as lineage, family structure, and rules regarding marriage and sexuality. The book supplements core textbooks and monographs and course packs, and includes study questions and suggestions for further reading. Available as ePDF here, as a Kindle ebook, and from major academic ebook vendors.
  • World Environmental History, a Berkshire Essential, explores how the biosphere is affected by human interventions such as climate change, deforestation, waste management, water and wind energy, population growth, and urbanization.
  • Religion and Belief Systems in World History, a Berkshire Essential, explores humanity's desire for spiritual sustenance in prehistory. Based on archaeological evidence of gravesites dating to over 70,000 years ago, many neuroscientists believe humans are hard-wired to seek meaning through rites and ceremonies, myth and symbols, ideas and behaviors.
  • Art in World History, a Berkshire Essential, put readers in touch with art from the Paleolithic period and the millennium-long heyday of porcelain, to performance art of the postmodernist world.
  • The first true encyclopedic reference on world history, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History is designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, and scholars who seek to explore and understand human history.
  • The definitive reference source on the human relationship with nature throughout history, the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History provides much-needed explanation of urgent social and environmental issues in articles replete with the stories of human and natural history. Download the flyer. "This is the most ambitious effort yet to offer a comprehensive overview of the long-term history of human interactions with the natural world on a truly planetary scale. Contributors include some of the world's leading environmental historians and the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History should be a standard reference tool for years to come." —William Cronon, Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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