From the renowned six-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, now in its second edition, to the best-selling This Fleeting World by David Christian, Berkshire’s history titles have been designed to show that the world really is round- and interconnected.

  • World History Teaching in Asia is the first broad survey of the content and approaches used to teach world history in secondary schools and colleges in Asia.
  • This Fleeting World is the smallest book of big history, telling the story of the universe and history of humanity in less than one hundred pages. Prize-winning historian David Christian covers it all in this compact, accessible, and inspiring guide to the history of everything, from stars and empires to cities, the World Wide Web, capitalism, and globalization. (If you are looking for the edition designed for AP World History and other courses, please visit this page.)
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    Women’s and Gender History, a Berkshire Essential, provides a look at women's lives and the importance of gender in societies across cultures and time.
  • Big History, Small World: From the Big Bang to You blends history and science in the unique approach called "big history" and is designed for high-school students. Cynthia Stokes Brown takes a humanistic approach to material that includes meteorology, astronomy, chemistry and physics, and cell biology. This provides an ideal introduction for any reader intrigued by this rich blend of history and science. In the first chapter, Brown discusses the scientific method. In the last chapter she discusses the different ways people interpret big history and find meaning in it. The other ten chapters are based on eight major turning points, or thresholds, in the cosmic story.  
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  • This Is Islam presents a lively introduction to a religion that has a dramatic history and plays a crucial role in the world today.
  • World Environmental History, a Berkshire Essential, explores how the biosphere is affected by human interventions such as climate change, deforestation, waste management, water and wind energy, population growth, and urbanization.
  • Big History, a Berkshire Essential, places the history of humanity and the Earth in the largest of contexts - that of the universe. Its interdisciplinary approach draws from diverse fields including archaeology, paleoanthropology, astronomy, and biology, and raises new questions about the future of our species and its relationship to the biosphere.
  • Religion and Belief Systems in World History, a Berkshire Essential, explores humanity's desire for spiritual sustenance in prehistory. Based on archaeological evidence of gravesites dating to over 70,000 years ago, many neuroscientists believe humans are hard-wired to seek meaning through rites and ceremonies, myth and symbols, ideas and behaviors.
  • Africa in World History, a Berkshire Essential, stresses Africa's interrelatedness to other regions and cultures, from early trade routes, the arrival of Christianity and Islam, and the ramifications of colonialism to contemporary issues such as HIV/AIDS and apartheid that have thwarted Africa's efforts to establish unity.
  • Art in World History, a Berkshire Essential, put readers in touch with art from the Paleolithic period and the millennium-long heyday of porcelain, to performance art of the postmodernist world.
  • The first true encyclopedic reference on world history, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History is designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, and scholars who seek to explore and understand human history.
  • The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History provides an integrated view of human and universal history. Environmental and social issues are examined by scholars in 580 articles from the big bang to the 21st century.


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