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    Women and Leadership: History, Concepts, and Case Studies provides valuable research by experts on leadership and women’s history to help students and citizens who want a more nuanced explanation of what we know about women as leaders – and about how they have led in different fields, in different parts of the world, and in past centuries.
  • Women’s and Gender History, a Berkshire Essential, provides a look at women's lives and the importance of gender in societies across cultures and time.
  • Knowing Women is a rollicking jubilee of voices crackling with life which never fail to captivate the hearts and minds of its audience. The characters are five women over 90, none of whom had met one another until the playwright decided to bring them together in a setting that blurs the line between a cosmic waiting room and modern day nursing home. They form alliances, clash, bond, banter and bicker, laugh, weep, joust and cavort their way through nearly half a collective millennium of living. Politics, religion, feminism, other women, sex, dead husbands and lovers, and what, if anything, lies waiting for them in the great beyond are just a few of the subjects they tackle. The play, a staged reading, is an ideal vehicle for older actresses who are finding that few if any, roles are being written for them. Performance time 90 minutes, no intermission. Script by Suzanne Logan and photographs by Barbara Wilbur.
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    Daughters of Dissent

    Daughters of Dissent Available as ePDF here, as a Kindle ebook, and from major academic ebook vendors.
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    Women: A World History

    Women: A World History was written for students in world history, women’s history, introductory sociology and anthropology courses, and women’s studies courses. It is also a helpful and engaging guide for the general reader who wants to understand why “women’s history” exists and how it expands traditional thinking about the past. Historian Pamela McVay explores the evolving roles of women in all parts of the world and focuses on issues particularly important in women’s lives such as lineage, family structure, and rules regarding marriage and sexuality. The book supplements core textbooks and monographs and course packs, and includes study questions and suggestions for further reading. Available as ePDF here, as a Kindle ebook, and from major academic ebook vendors.
  • The three-volume International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports is the largest and most comprehensive work about women’s sports ever published. In 430 A-Z articles, leading scholars and specialists cover numerous sports and sports figures, as well as health issues such as eating disorders, nutrition and bone density, and social issues such as body image, gender equity and Title IX legislation (which mandates equity in school funding for women’s sports programs). A number of organizations contributed to this project, including the Women’s Sports Foundation, the International Working Group on Women and Sport, Amateur Athletic Foundation, and others. One of the American Library Association’s RUSA committee’s choice for Outstanding Reference Publications 2001. "A monumental undertaking, this encyclopedia covers women’s sports worldwide and throughout history…. This encyclopedia’s strengths lie in its unique, cross-cultural treatment of all subjects…. A scholarly resource for public libraries and schools at all levels, middle school through college." --Library Journal.


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