• The Encyclopedia of Homelessness is the first systematic effort to organize and summarize what we know about this complex topic that impacts not only the homeless but all of society.
  • The Encyclopedia of Religion and War, the fifth volume in the acclaimed Religion and Society series, explores the complex relationship between religion and war, including religion as a source of conflict and the role war holds in the development and spread of religion.
  • The Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals, the sixth volume in the acclaimed Religion and Society series, explores the complex and fascinating topic of religious rites, rituals, and festivals that have shaped and have been shaped by society throughout history and around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Leadership is a comprehensive guide to what is known - and what truly matters - about leadership as part of the human experience across time and cultures, and in the lives of those in positions of leadership in corporations and state houses, schools and churches, and nonprofit organizations.
  • The Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World explores the topic at the heart of social initiatives and academic endeavors from around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom is the fourth volume of the acclaimed Religion & Society series.
  • The Encyclopedia of Human Emotions is a unique work that uses a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach.
  • The Encyclopedia of African and African-American Religions, the second volume in the acclaimed Religion and Society series, breaks fresh ground on the subject of African and African-American religion and its influence throughout the world.
  • The four-volume Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment is the definitive reference source on crime, criminal justice, police science, and related topics.
  • The Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements, the first volume in the acclaimed Religion & Society series, covers 200 topics and movements - from Cargo Cults to the Anti-Christ - and offers a fresh, modern perspective on the role and importance of religion in society.
  • The Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism is the third volume of the acclaimed Religion & Society series, primarily focused on Protestant fundamentalism in the United States.
  • Rachel's Roses is an introduction to the cycles of nature: a little girl learns how flowers bloom and fade and bloom again. Recorded in 2020 for children in COVID-19 lockdown by a UK teacher, Mrs. Stemps. Listen here. "A stunning picture book for under-fives to treasure."—The Times "All the right elements are there: real characters, interesting information, delightful illustrations and a warm uncomplicated story which never forgets to keep the child's feelings at the centre"—Montessori Education


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