Leadership, Community, & Social Issues

From the Encyclopedia of Community to the Good Library Manual, Berkshire titles draw on the work of historians, sociologists, anthropologists, town planners, and other experts.

  • This Is America: A Short History of the United States offers a unique guide to the United States of America, a nation that in recent history has been the most affluent, influential, and powerful on Earth, known for innovation as well as for its belief in its own “exceptionalism.” This book will give US citizens and people elsewhere a more nuanced view of the "beautiful country."
  • Women and Leadership: History, Concepts, and Case Studies provides valuable research by experts on leadership and women’s history to help students and citizens who want a more nuanced explanation of what we know about women as leaders – and about how they have led in different fields, in different parts of the world, and in past centuries.
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    Good Library Manual

    The Good Library Manual is a practical guide to transforming any public library—large and small, city and rural—by making every aspect of the library experience appealing and enjoyable, from the moment someone sees the building and walks in the door to the time when they check out.
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    Global Perspectives on the United States is a collection of expert-written essays on the events, developments, and processes that shape global perspectives on the United States, including trade agreements, "brain drain," and concepts of democracy. "A word of caution–US citizens should prepare to be both revered and insulted [when reading this book]. Not recommended reading for thin-skinned patriots; however, a great resource for academic, public, and high-school libraries." --Booklist "The editors have made an exceptional effort to make subjects easy to find.... A valuable resource for analysts looking for background information; upper-level undergraduate and beginning graduate students looking for issues on which to conduct research; and general users trying to understand the US's place in the world. Summing up: Recommended. Academic and public libraries." --Choice
  • The Encyclopedia of Leadership is a comprehensive guide to what is known - and what truly matters - about leadership as part of the human experience across time and cultures, and in the lives of those in positions of leadership in corporations and state houses, schools and churches, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Rachel's Roses is an introduction to the cycles of nature: a little girl learns how flowers bloom and fade and bloom again. Recorded in 2020 for children in COVID-19 lockdown by a UK teacher, Mrs. Stemps. Listen here. "A stunning picture book for under-fives to treasure."—The Times "All the right elements are there: real characters, interesting information, delightful illustrations and a warm uncomplicated story which never forgets to keep the child's feelings at the centre"—Montessori Education
  • The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction takes computing into new realms, introducing us to topics that are intriguing both in their technical complexity and because they present us — human beings — with a set of challenging questions about our relationship with "thinking" machines.
  • The Berkshire Manual of Style for International Publishing is a unique repository of guidelines, rules, and exceptions to rules; meditations and asides on writing and word use; and publishing lore. Berkshire offers sage advice for anyone who cares about how we all use the written word to convey information and to communicate with one another.
  • A gorgeous coffee table book showcasing an icon of American life, the public library. Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love is a treasure trove of historical information, inspiring stories, and beautiful images. Join us in celebrating the libraries we love!
  • The Homelessness Handbook provides expert coverage on key issues facing the homeless and the communities in which they live.
  • Never before published in book form, Patterns of Global Terrorism: US Department of State Reports with Supplementary Documents and Statistics provides the most complete and authoritative historical data on terrorism around the globe.
  • Global Perspectives on the United States is a unique, nonpartisan survey, written by experts from around the world. It is the first general resource to explore the role and image of the United States from the viewpoints of the peoples and nations of the world. The 140 comprehensive and extensively annotated articles provide historical coverage and contemporary analysis—drawing on a wide range of sources, including nineteenth-century travel accounts, international treaties, newspaper stories from around the world, and popular music. Fascinating sidebars, illustrations, and statistical snapshots emphasize the countless influences that have shaped perceptions of the United States since its founding, and the broad coverage vividly sets out the complications and contradictions that are an essential part of global perceptions of the United States. The first two volumes consist of national surveys and histories, while the third consists of expert-written articles on specific themes in US foreign relations.
    "A word of caution–US citizens should prepare to be both revered and insulted [when reading this book]. Not recommended reading for thin-skinned patriots; however, a great resource for academic, public, and high-school libraries." --Booklist


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