• Energy Industries and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, covers the exploitation of energy resources—such as coal, petroleum, and wood—and the innovations that may provide the energy we need for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.
  • In Ecosystem Services for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, environmental scientists and ethicists explore the variety of benefits that ecosystems provide. The articles are written for the general reader interested in learning how nature provides for humankind, and how humankind can protect those valuable natural resources.
  • Environmental Law and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, introduces environmental regulations and agreements from around the world, with a focus on those with the most potential for international impact.
  • World Environmental History, a Berkshire Essential, explores how the biosphere is affected by human interventions such as climate change, deforestation, waste management, water and wind energy, population growth, and urbanization.
  • Big History, a Berkshire Essential, places the history of humanity and the Earth in the largest of contexts - that of the universe. Its interdisciplinary approach draws from diverse fields including archaeology, paleoanthropology, astronomy, and biology, and raises new questions about the future of our species and its relationship to the biosphere.
  • Religion and Belief Systems in World History, a Berkshire Essential, explores humanity's desire for spiritual sustenance in prehistory. Based on archaeological evidence of gravesites dating to over 70,000 years ago, many neuroscientists believe humans are hard-wired to seek meaning through rites and ceremonies, myth and symbols, ideas and behaviors.
  • Africa in World History, a Berkshire Essential, stresses Africa's interrelatedness to other regions and cultures, from early trade routes, the arrival of Christianity and Islam, and the ramifications of colonialism to contemporary issues such as HIV/AIDS and apartheid that have thwarted Africa's efforts to establish unity.
  • Art in World History, a Berkshire Essential, put readers in touch with art from the Paleolithic period and the millennium-long heyday of porcelain, to performance art of the postmodernist world.
  • Education in China, a Berkshire Essential, provides unique coverage about learning at all levels. China has the largest higher-education system in the world, and the Chinese are known worldwide as top students and scholars.


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