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  • The Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals, the sixth volume in the acclaimed Religion and Society series, explores the complex and fascinating topic of religious rites, rituals, and festivals that have shaped and have been shaped by society throughout history and around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom is the fourth volume of the acclaimed Religion & Society series.
  • The Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World explores the topic at the heart of social initiatives and academic endeavors from around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Human Emotions is a unique work that uses a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach.
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    The definitive reference source on the human relationship with nature throughout history, the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History provides much-needed explanation of urgent social and environmental issues in articles replete with the stories of human and natural history. Download the flyer. "This is the most ambitious effort yet to offer a comprehensive overview of the long-term history of human interactions with the natural world on a truly planetary scale. Contributors include some of the world's leading environmental historians and the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History should be a standard reference tool for years to come." —William Cronon, Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The four-volume Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment is the definitive reference source on crime, criminal justice, police science, and related topics.
  • The Encyclopedia of African and African-American Religions, the second volume in the acclaimed Religion and Society series, breaks fresh ground on the subject of African and African-American religion and its influence throughout the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements, the first volume in the acclaimed Religion & Society series, covers 200 topics and movements - from Cargo Cults to the Anti-Christ - and offers a fresh, modern perspective on the role and importance of religion in society.
  • The Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism is the third volume of the acclaimed Religion & Society series, primarily focused on Protestant fundamentalism in the United States.
  • The award-winning Encyclopedia of Modern Asia is the definitive resource on the entire sweep of Asia, from the Muslim countries of Southeast Asia, across China, India, and the Central Asian republics to the Turkic nations of western Asia. Comprehensive, authoritative, and fully cross-disciplinary, the encyclopedia’s focus is Asia since 1850, but ample historical information makes clear how the past influences the present as well as the future. This massive project – 3,000 articles, 2.2 million words of text, hundreds of photographs, 700 authors in 65 countries –  extends the global coverage offered in Berkshire Publishing Group’s many publications on world cultures, ethnic relations, and the environment. “Accessible to everyone: students will find the lists for further reading particularly useful, and non-specialists will appreciate the consistent clarity and the absence of heavy jargon. Filling a gap in the literature, this work should be a mainstay in academic, high school, and public libraries. This book was an LJ Best Reference pick.” –Library Journal.
  • The three-volume International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports is the largest and most comprehensive work about women’s sports ever published. In 430 A-Z articles, leading scholars and specialists cover numerous sports and sports figures, as well as health issues such as eating disorders, nutrition and bone density, and social issues such as body image, gender equity and Title IX legislation (which mandates equity in school funding for women’s sports programs). A number of organizations contributed to this project, including the Women’s Sports Foundation, the International Working Group on Women and Sport, Amateur Athletic Foundation, and others. One of the American Library Association’s RUSA committee’s choice for Outstanding Reference Publications 2001. "A monumental undertaking, this encyclopedia covers women’s sports worldwide and throughout history…. This encyclopedia’s strengths lie in its unique, cross-cultural treatment of all subjects…. A scholarly resource for public libraries and schools at all levels, middle school through college." --Library Journal.
  • Volume 9 of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability examines sustainability in Africa, Europe, and western Asia.



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