• Berkshire’s Very VERY Short Introductions (VVSIs) are convenient, attractive, and accessible. They offer authoritative analysis and big ideas, clearly explained and put in context for readers unfamiliar with the topic at hand. Our expert authors focus on How and Why, not just Who, What, When, and Where. They will expand your thinking about familiar topics and give you a grounding in new and important topics.
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    The Waste Land and Other Poems in this centenary edition presents one of the twentieth century's most influential poetic works, first published in 1922, in the aftermath of a world war and global pandemic. In addition to The Waste Land, the book includes “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” “Portrait of a Lady,” “Preludes,” “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” “The Boston Evening Transcript,” “La Figlia che Piange,” and “The Hollow Men.” The layout is open, elegant, and easy to read. The design is based on both the original Hogarth Press edition, produced by Leonard and Virginia Woolf, and the American Boni & Liveright design. These poems have wide emotional range and resonance, and the foreword by QIU Xiaolong explains how he, as a student in China, came to love Eliot's poetry and what it has meant, and means today, to readers around the world. (As a young editor, Berkshire's CEO Karen Christensen worked for Valerie Eliot, who recounted her work on the 1971 facsimile edition of the rediscovered manuscript.) This book is being published early in 2022, the centenary of the first publication of The Waste Land.
  • Rachel's Roses is an introduction to the cycles of nature: a little girl learns how flowers bloom and fade and bloom again. Recorded in 2020 for children in COVID-19 lockdown by a UK teacher, Mrs. Stemps. Listen here. "A stunning picture book for under-fives to treasure."—The Times "All the right elements are there: real characters, interesting information, delightful illustrations and a warm uncomplicated story which never forgets to keep the child's feelings at the centre"—Montessori Education
  • Eco Living is the essential handbook for green living today.  It contains all the information you need in a clear, easy-to-follow form, so that you can ensure your whole lifestyle is ecologically sound. In addition to practical recycling and  housecleaning guidelines,  Eco Living looks at ways to keep fit, the ecological impact of sports like golf and skiing, and important aspects of travel and leisure. Eco Living covers all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle. “We can make a difference – Karen Christensen’s book shows us how’ --Anita Roddick OBE, founder of The Body Shop
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    Religion and Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores the ties between humans and their environment across a wide range of perspectives: from Buddhism, Bahai, Hinduism, and Daoism to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as those of indigenous traditions around the world.
  • Volume 4 of the Dictionary of Chinese Biography is a stand-alone handbook of short biographies of key people in China since 1979.
  • The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography uses the life stories of key individuals, selected from the earliest dynasties to the present day, to tell the story of China itself over the entire span of its history. Volume 4, available separately, is on contemporary figures.
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    Finance and Investment for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores how a green economy can be created and sustained - using sustainability in both the environmental and financial sense of the word.
  • Business Strategies and Management for Sustainability, a Berkshire Essential, explores how a green economy can be created and sustained. Articles cover a wide variety of topics including “greenwashing,” local economies, and corporate social responsibility.
  • The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction takes computing into new realms, introducing us to topics that are intriguing both in their technical complexity and because they present us — human beings — with a set of challenging questions about our relationship with "thinking" machines.
  • Challenge to China draws attention to an underappreciated aspect of legal reforms in Taiwan: its 2009 abolition of labor camps for liumang, very loosely translated as "hooligans," and asks how Taiwan's experience might be relevant to its giant neighbor across the Taiwan Strait.


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