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    This Fleeting World in Farsi Persian cover
    This Fleeting World (Farsi Edition)

    This Fleeting World offers a global, scientific perspective on our shared human story, translated for the Farsi-speaking people of Iran and Afghanistan.

    The Waste Land: 100th Anniversary International Edition
    The Waste Land: 100th Anniversary International Edition

    The Waste Land and Other Poems in this centenary edition presents one of the twentieth century’s most influential poetic works, first published in 1922, in the aftermath of a world war and global pandemic. In addition to The Waste Land, the book includes “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” “Portrait of a Lady,” “Preludes,” “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” “The Boston Evening Transcript,” “La Figlia che Piange,” and “The Hollow Men.” The layout is open, elegant, and easy to read. The design is based on both the original Hogarth Press edition, produced by Leonard and Virginia Woolf, and the American Boni & Liveright design. These poems have wide emotional range and resonance, and the foreword by QIU Xiaolong explains how he, as a student in China, came to love Eliot’s poetry and what it has meant, and means today, to readers around the world. (As a young editor, Berkshire’s CEO Karen Christensen worked for Valerie Eliot, who recounted her work on the 1971 facsimile edition of the rediscovered manuscript.)

    Knowing Women: A Play in Five Voices by Suzanne Logan
    Knowing Women: A Play in Five Voices by Suzanne Logan

    Knowing Women is a rollicking jubilee of voices crackling with life which never fail to captivate the hearts and minds of its audience. The characters are five women over 90 (one is Sophia Mumford, married to Lewis Mumford for 70 years, and introduced in Berkshire’s edition of The Story of Utopias), none of whom had met one another until the playwright decided to bring them together in a setting that blurs the line between a cosmic waiting room and modern day nursing home. They form alliances, clash, bond, banter and bicker, laugh, weep, joust and cavort their way through nearly half a collective millennium of living. Politics, religion, feminism, other women, sex, dead husbands and lovers, and what, if anything, lies waiting for them in the great beyond are just a few of the subjects they tackle. The play, a staged reading, is an ideal vehicle for older actresses who are finding that few if any, roles are being written for them. Performance time 90 minutes, no intermission. Script by Suzanne Logan and photographs by Barbara Wilbur. (Script available now; paperback and ebook editions forthcoming.)

    Mudrick Transcribed
    Mudrick Transcribed

    Mudrick Transcribed contains riveting and comical dialogue from transcripts made in the early 1980s of Marvin Mudrick’s classes and talks. “A one-man commando squad and independent operator, Marvin Mudrick was the most maverick literary critic of his time and ours—ferocious, funny, and fearlessly honest,” says James Wolcott of Vanity Fair.



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