Multi-volume reference set

  • Lucid and authoritative, this work - called "the newest sporting bible" by The Times of London - covers every Olympic sport, obscure activities such as buzkashi and jousting, and indigenous games in dozens of nations. This set, the original Encyclopedia of World Sport developed for ABC-CLIO by Berkshire Publishing during its days as a book packager, is packed with everything you could possibly want to know about hundreds of sports. Along with detailed information on how sports are played around the world, the Encyclopedia of World Sport explores emotions and issues surrounding the sporting life and looks at sport as an essential part of the human experience. Readers will find fascinating entries on baseball and badminton, tennis and takraw, as well as on an incredible range of activities played around the globe from ancient times up to the present.
  • The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction takes computing into new realms, introducing us to topics that are intriguing both in their technical complexity and because they present us — human beings — with a set of challenging questions about our relationship with "thinking" machines.
  • Never before published in book form, Patterns of Global Terrorism: US Department of State Reports with Supplementary Documents and Statistics provides the most complete and authoritative historical data on terrorism around the globe.
  • In one reference resource, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport provides - for the first time - everything and anything you want to know about sports, from Mayan ball courts to high-tech steroid labs.


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