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    Women: A World History

    Women: A World History was written for students in world history, women’s history, introductory sociology and anthropology courses, and women’s studies courses. It is also a helpful and engaging guide for the general reader who wants to understand why “women’s history” exists and how it expands traditional thinking about the past. Historian Pamela McVay explores the evolving roles of women in all parts of the world and focuses on issues particularly important in women’s lives such as lineage, family structure, and rules regarding marriage and sexuality. The book supplements core textbooks and monographs and course packs, and includes study questions and suggestions for further reading. Available as ePDF here, as a Kindle ebook, and from major academic ebook vendors.
  • Sewing Circles, Dime Suppers, and W. E. B. Du Bois: A History of the Clinton A. M. E. Zion Church offers fresh insight into a small New England church's role in the national civil rights movement. This is the original edition. An updated edition is also available, with the title The African American Community in Rural New England: W. E. B. Du Bois and His Boyhood Church.
  • Challenge to China draws attention to an underappreciated aspect of legal reforms in Taiwan: its 2009 abolition of labor camps for liumang, very loosely translated as "hooligans," and asks how Taiwan's experience might be relevant to its giant neighbor across the Taiwan Strait.
  • The Berkshire Manual of Style for International Publishing is a unique repository of guidelines, rules, and exceptions to rules; meditations and asides on writing and word use; and publishing lore. Berkshire offers sage advice for anyone who cares about how we all use the written word to convey information and to communicate with one another.


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