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This Fleeting World (Farsi Edition)

This Fleeting World (Farsi Edition)


This Fleeting World offers a global, scientific perspective on our shared human story, translated for the Farsi-speaking people of Iran and Afghanistan.


“I hope this book will introduce a wider audience to this gifted scientist and teacher.” –Bill Gates

This Fleeting World | Donya Dar Gozar tells the story of the universe and history of humanity in only 100 pages. Prize-winning historian David Christian covers it all in this inspiring guide to the history of everything, from stars and empires to cities, the World Wide Web, capitalism, and globalization. David Christian’s approach to human history and big history is a call to action, based on a profound and fresh understanding of our place in the universe. This book is essential reading for our time. The translator, Dr Amir Kolini, was born in Iran and now lives in California. He saw revolution, war, and death in the battlefields and prisons of his young adulthood. As a result, he has actively followed global politics in a quest for solutions to the human dilemma, mostly with an emphasis on scientific perspectives. In 2009, he was introduced to the concept of big history. Kolini decided to introduce this concept to Farsi-speaking people in Iran, Afghanistan, and some other countries with a translation of This Fleeting World, or Donya Dar Gozar.

“What a quick, convenient, and persuasive way to begin to understand the confusing world in which we find ourselves!” –William H. McNeill


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