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Encyclopedia of Human Emotions

Encyclopedia of Human Emotions


The Encyclopedia of Human Emotions is a unique work that uses a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach.

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The Encyclopedia of Human Emotions covers the essence of the human experience. It presents a comprehensive look at what is known today about the nature, causes, expression, and societal role of human emotions throughout history and across cultures. This is an invaluable reference guide for a variety of readers – from people who want more information about an emotion that getting attention in the popular press to students needing information for class discussions and papers. Scholars also find it an invaluable state-of-the-art research tool.

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Peter F. Jorgensen, Western Illinois University, David H. Levinson, Berkshire Publishing Group, James J. Ponzetti, Jr., University of British Columbia








  1. Booklist: Feb 1, 2000

    Entries covering health and illness, folk theories of emotion, and gender and emotions offer perspectives that are not found in other works…a good companion for the traditional encyclopedias of psychology and social sciences… This is a very good source for academic and large public libraries.

  2. Library Journal: March 1, 2000

    This unique encyclopedia on human emotions tries to be all things to all readers and succeeds brilliantly. Written for general readers, high school and college students, and scholars seeking state-of-the-art overviews, it is readable, accessible, and authoritative…Levinson…and his colleagues have put together a truly outstanding work that should be in all collections and consulted first by anyone interested in learning about human emotions.

  3. Against the Grain: December/January 2000

    Offering more than just a psychological approach, Encyclopedia of Human Emotions also blends the perspectives of sociology, biology, anthropology, medicine and the arts into an interdisciplinary treatment…scholarly, but accessible to the general reader. The uniqueness of this set is its interdisciplinary approach.

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