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Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment

Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment


The four-volume Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment is the definitive reference source on crime, criminal justice, police science, and related topics.


The four-volume Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment, developed by Berkshire Reference Works and published by Sage Publications, is the definitive reference source on crime, criminal justice, police science, and related topics. It contains some 500 articles and sidebars, providing an unprecedented range of authoritative information on crime and punishment over the course of human history, across cultures, and in the modern world. All articles have been written by experts, with an interdisciplinary editorial board of leading scholars directing the intellectual aspects of the project.

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  1. Choice: September 2002

    Respected editor Levinson’s entry into this crowded field is ambitious and attractively presented, ostensibly intended for a professional audience, but perhaps of more use to general readers and high school students. This comprehensive survey contains 439 signed articles based on the most current information; they are contributed by university professors, police, and corrections professionals. Entries covering the gamut of crime, forensics,
    law and justice, concepts/theories, victimology, and allied themes are liberally illustrated with statistical graphs, photos, factoids, and other information offered in sidebars. Though primarily focused on the US, other countries are discussed. Appendixes include information on careers in criminal justice, Web resources, and a selected bibliography. Cross-references abound, and the general index is adequate. An excellent starting point for high school students and undergraduates….

  2. Booklist: January 2003

    Crime and efforts to control it are the focus of this authoritative but unstuffy resource, the place to look for information on topics ranging from community policing and mandatory sentencing to the way crime is depicted in comic books and why Singapore is so orderly.

  3. Library Journal: April 15, 2003

    At a time when terms like forensic and criminal profiling have entered the vernacular, this excellent encyclopedia of criminal justice is providential. The 425 signed articles cover a wide variety of subjects according to 13 major themes (among them, law and justice, corrections, victimology, concepts and theories, research methods) and are followed by suggestions for further reading and plentiful see also references. The publisher promises a future online version, but with its accessible writing style, extensive citations, and timely appeal, the print version should be purchased by most libraries.

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