Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping


“Deng Xiaoping” by Ezra Vogel. ABSTRACT: Deng Xiaoping was China’s preeminent leader from 1978 to 1992, a man who guided the transformation of China from a poor, divided, and chaotic country and achieved the dream of Chinese leaders since the Opium War of setting China on a path of enriching the people and becoming a global power. He joined the Communist movement in France in 1923, and became a revolutionary leader and a soldier. From 1952 to 1966 he held key positions implementing Mao Zedong’s policies. He fell from office three times, but as top leader from the late 1970s, he maintained order, developed good relations with major foreign powers, transformed the Communist Party from a revolutionary party to a ruling party, opened markets, and sent tens of thousands abroad to bring in modern technology and management. 7,854 words.

Citation: XX (last/family name), XX (first/personal name) (2014). XX-Article-Title-XX. In Kerry Brown (Ed.), Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography (pp. XX-XX). Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group.

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This chapter and other Chinese Biographies come from the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, edited by Kerry Brown, Kings College London. This work, hosted online by Oxford University Press, uses the life stories of key individuals, selected from the earliest dynasties to the present day, to tell the story of China itself over the entire span of its history. Volume 4, available separately, is on contemporary figures. Chinese history can be overwhelming, and no one claims to understand in detail more than specific periods of this great sweep of political, social, and economic development. The Dictionary of Chinese Biography makes this immense history manageable—easier to comprehend and digest—by taking the reader through it in the life stories of  emperors, politicians, poets, writers, artists, scientists, explorers and philosophers.

“All students of China and indeed of East Asia and world history will be greatly aided in their studies by this comprehensive reference work, a true milestone in collaborative historical research.” Wm. Theodore de Bary, Columbia University

“The carefully selected and authoritatively written biographies in these volumes offer general readers and specialists alike an engrossing pathway into the broad sweep of China’s long past. I found it hard to dip into any one of these biographies without wishing to read several more just to continue the story.” Alice Miller, Hoover Institution, Stanford University



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