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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 1/10: The Spirit of Sustainability

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 1/10: The Spirit of Sustainability


Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability explores perspectives from world religions and philosophies.


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The Spirit of Sustainability helps readers navigate the moral worlds and ethical concepts, and social and religious practices related to sustainability. In collaboration with the Forum on Religion and Ecology, an established network of leading scholars, it explores a wide range of topics and perspectives, from the promise and problems of approaching sustainability through global and indigenous religions, to major theories in philosophy and environmental ethics, and professional practices and social movements. This volume presents the various goals of sustainability – ecological integrity, economic health, human dignity, fairness to the future, and social justice – and provides a framework for reasoning through many interrelated environmental challenges for both current and future generations.

Below are links to the ten volumes of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability:

Vols. 1–10: The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Vol. 1: The Spirit of Sustainability

Vol. 2: The Business of Sustainability

Vol. 3: The Law and Politics of Sustainability

Vol. 4: Natural Resources and Sustainability

Vol. 5: Ecosystem Management and Sustainability

Vol. 6: Measurements, Indicators, and Research Methods for Sustainability

Vol. 7: China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 8: The Americas and Oceania: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 9: Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 10: The Future of Sustainability

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宝库山可持续百科全书: 可持续的精神 (第1卷)




  1. Library Journal

    Linking ecology to civilization and ecological sustainability, 114 experts present nearly 150 articles exploring the global community’s “religious, philosophical, and ethical dimensions of environmental challenges.” International contributors include a variety of scholars and ecology professionals, as well as the Forum on Religion and Ecology (Yale Univ., [V]ery useful as an interdisciplinary resource on ecology issues and potential solutions for scholars and informed adults.

  2. Booklist Editors’ Choice: Reference

    The Spirit of Sustainability is an important contribution … and is essential for academic and large public libraries with collections on the environment. As a stand-alone, it would be a good choice for religion collections as well. Also available as an e-book.

  3. School Library Journal

    Grades 9 up–Students expecting only scientific concepts [from The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability] may be puzzled to find that the encyclopedia’s first volume … focuses on moral issues. Nonetheless, the introduction offers convincing justification for presenting the ethical, religious, and philosophical aspects of sustainability, noting that, for many, a discussion of Earth’s environment is incomplete without addressing the spiritual…. The writers of this thoughtfully produced volume stay on topic and handily present the relationship between their subject and the overall concept of sustainability.

  4. Book News: 2010 Research Book News

    This is the first volume of an interdisciplinary reference-intended for students and the general public-devoted to environmental challenges. In her introduction publisher Karen Christensen … explains some of the decisions regarding how to focus and organize the material, and formulation of the goals of presenting general knowledge, providing specific information not readily accessible outside the academic community, and connecting information with opportunities for individual involvement. It’s a tall order, but the fruits of this endeavor will no doubt be widely useful.

  5. Midwest Book Review: January 2010 5.0 out of 5 stars

    5.0 out of 5 stars “A seminal project of immense value.”

  6. Midwest Book Review

    “5.0 out of 5 stars A seminal project of immense value.
    The product of numerous and highly qualified contributors, The Spirit Of Sustainability is a seminal project of immense value and strongly recommended for personal, professional, academic, and community library Environmental Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.”

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