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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports


The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports presents in one volume all that we know about extreme sports: the individualist, adventure-type sports such as bungee jumping, dirt biking, sky surfing, and rock climbing that are the fastest growing segment of the sports world.

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The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports provides the first international survey of extreme sports, which include a wide variety of physical pursuits and activities such as bungee jumping, dirt biking, sky surfing, and rock climbing: individualist, adventure-type sports rather than traditional team sports. “Extreme” also refers to the antisocial attitudes and uncompromising values associated with these new sports, attitudes and values that are often in sharp contrast to those of more conservative, mainstream, and middle-class sports. This volume is a state-of-the-art summary of where extreme sports are today, where they have come from, and how they are likely to grow and change in the years ahead.

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Douglas Booth, University of Otago, Holly Thorpe, University of Waikato









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  1. Against the Grain: June 2007

    [T]his current work is unique in its comprehensive and focused view. Academic libraries supporting sports science and physical education programs will want to consider it as part of a well rounded reference collection. Given the popular interest in the topic, they may also want to add it to their circulating collections. Larger public libraries may also be interested for similar reasons.

  2. Midwest Book Review: August 2007

    In addition to being an essential acquisition for both school and community library sports & athletics reference collections, the Berkshire Encyclopedia Of Extreme Sports is especially recommended for students and nonspecialist readers of any age who have an interest in any or all of those sports and athletic activities which have come to be called “extreme.”

  3. Library Journal: August 2007

    This is an attractively designed and distinctive resource compiled by insiders in the field who engagingly recount their athletic exploits. As such, it will appeal to both extreme sports participants and enthusiasts. A welcome addition that should be acquired by any library with large sports collections.llections.

  4. Booklist: September 15, 2007

    The fonts, page formats, and mirrored page numbers make the layout hip and unique in comparison with other print sources. This title is so extreme, it even has a disclaimer! It is recommended for all types of libraries, particularly those interested in gaining the attention of 13- to 34-year-old males.

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