Art, Contemporary

Art, Contemporary


“Contemporary Chinese Art” (Dāng dài Zhōng guó yì shù 当代中国艺术) by Joan Lebold Cohen. ABSTRACT: From the nineteenth century to the present, Chinese art has undergone drastic changes that mirror earthshaking internal challenges to tradition and reflect as well a myriad of modernizing forces, many foreign, that have penetrated country and culture. Since 2000, Chinese artists have rapidly (if belatedly) garnered kudos (and high prices) in the world art market, a testament to their creativity and innovation. 4,800 words.

Citation: XX (last/family name), XX (first/personal name) (2009). XX-Article-Title-XX. In Linsun CHENG et al. (Eds.), Berkshire Encyclopedia of China (pp. XX-XX). Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group.

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This article and other China Bytes come from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China. With its coverage of environmental issues, global economics, online communications, and the latest political developments, the five-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is truly a 21st-century work. While these volumes include many articles about China’s earliest history – going back more than 5,000 years – the Encyclopedia of China is focused on the events, concepts, and people that matter today. The authors of its 800 accessibly written and lavishly illustrated articles, which range from 600 to 6,000 words, are scholars at major Chinese and Western universities and research institutes. Article titles appear in English and in Chinese with pinyin transliterations and tones to help those studying the language, while primary text sidebars add historical perspective. , which is extensively illustrated from museum and library archives and a wide variety of other sources, including the extensive collection of photographer and Chinese art specialist Joan Lebold Cohen. Amongst the authors are eminent western scholars William Theodore de Bary and William H. McNeill, and contributions from leading scholars including Daniel Bell, Kerry Brown, John Howkins, Guo Liang, Cheng Li, Colin Mackerras, Jennifer Turner, and Nick Young. The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into China’s past, present, and future.



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  1. Library Journal

    “Take a publisher with a decade of experience in China, add a group of well-known Chinese and Western scholars, sprinkle in dozens of traditional Chinese proverbs, and the end result is [the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, a] sumptuous resource on all things China for the 21st century.” —Library Journal Best Reference

  2. Against the Grain

    “The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China represents a major effort to fill a void in the reference literature. Numerous students, scholars, and lay readers will find it timely, relevant, and highly useful…. Patrons of academic, public, and high school libraries will be drawn to its unique content and accessible format. Given this, it is a title that deserves serious consideration by a variety of libraries.”


    “The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China’s breadth of coverage and size–2,665 pages in five volumes–distinguish it from competing reference works…. This encyclopedia provides rudimentary introductions suitable to undergraduates at the initial stages of research…. Summing up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates.”

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