The Spirit of Sustainability: print or digital, which is “greener”?

When we published the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in 2012, a librarian wrote, “That goes against the spirit of sustainability.” I got a similar response this week, so I want to explain why we publish in print and online, and why online is not “green.” An ebook probably kills more trees through deforestation than an equivalent print book, and

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Sustainable Information Industry

BILL SIEVER Editorial Coordinator Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Berkshire Publishing Group KAREN CHRISTENSEN Publisher and CEO Berkshire Publishing Group Seeing the forest: why publishers and readers need to take a fresh look at print and online publishing to create a sustainable information industry The emerging debate over whether print or online

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While the US EPA is still rational about global warming

We've been downloading information about climate change from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website because it could soon be gone.  On his first day in office, President Trump had climate change information removed from the White House website. So far, the EPA still has scientists on staff. Here are some sections from the Basic Information page:

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Geoengineering, Human Hubris, and a Sustainable Future Jim Fleming discusses speculative technological solutions to climate change, a subject he wrote about in the 10th and final volume of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. Fleming is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Colby College and a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution. Length: 22 minutes. Subscribe via RSS or

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Berkshire Titles on Oxford Reference

Berkshire Publishing Group is delighted to announce that its major multi-volume reference titles will be available from Oxford University Press. These titles are being added to the Oxford Reference platform:   Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History provides an integrated view of human and universal history. Environmental and social issues are examined by

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Paris Climate Talks and the Encyclopedia of Sustainability

The global press is chasing many stories, from the tragedies of terrorism and displaced people to the display of hubris, xenophobia, and general nuttiness that we call a US presidential election season. As far as we're concerned at Berkshire Publishing, the crucial story of the week is the Paris climate talks, and today we are waiting

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Climate Change: Moral Challenge

2015 is a crucial year for progress on global cooperation and Pope Francis knows it, making climate change the focus of his first “encyclical,” a kind of proclamation. He will speak on the subject at the UN General Assembly in September, all this to lend a sense of urgency to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in

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Berkshire Author Talks Climate Change and China

The National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR) often offers its members a chance to hear directly from experts after major world events. Last week’s members-only teleconference about the historic US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change featured Alex Wang, professor at UCLA School of Law, and Joanna Lewis, professor at Georgetown University and one of Berkshire’s authors.

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