“Amazon is the Reader’s Friend” debate tonight

Is book publishing an oligopoly, a dinosaur in need of disruption? Is Amazon, which accounts for 41% of all new book and 67% of all e-book sales, a monopoly? Who is doing right by readers and the future of books? I agreed to post the livestream here so our friends and readers can hear different sides

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Amazon update: when will the Justice Department step in?

A lot has happened since I wrote about how Amazon has pressured Berkshire Publishing (“How Amazon.com is hurting readers, authors, and publishers” –  4 June 2014). There have been accusations, petitions, and even a network TV documentary. I received many thoughtful emails and was interviewed on BBC TV Newsnight and by the New York Times (“Amazon,

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The Beijing International Book Fair takes place at the end of August, and Berkshire Publishing will be represented by Tom Christensen, speaking at the International Digital Publishing Forum Conference on the 29th. Tom has been our “China guy” since he was a teenager. This photo shows him teaching at Langzhou University in western China in 2009,

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This Is America: Unity From Diversity

Final chapters are always difficult, and I put a lot of time into "Unity from Diversity," the last chapter of This Is America, which we're thrilled to announce on the 4th of July 2014, US Independence Day. I’d had little involvement in creating this book, and I need it as much as anyone because I ignored US history

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Does copyright protect Elvis sightings?

As we celebrate the founding of the United States this Friday, it's salutary to remember that the US's record is mixed, and mixed-up. These Frequently Asked Questions about copyrighting Elvis sightings and star namings come straight from the US government's Copyright Office. How do I protect my sighting of Elvis? Copyright law does not protect sightings. However,

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Latest news about Amazon.com’s battles with publishers

We distributed the story I’d dashed off about Berkshire Publishing’s experience with Amazon (https://www.berkshirepublishing.com/2014/06/04/how-amazon-com-is-hurting-readers-authors-and-publishers) and were surprised by how much response it got. It was redistributed by Publishers Weekly and will come out in the Independent Book Publishers Association magazine, and I appeared in an episode of BBC TV’s Newsnight program, and was just interviewed by the

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Now available: Religion & Society series and Encyclopedia of World Environmental History

Berkshire Publishing is pleased to announce that the acclaimed Religion & Society series produced with Routledge (a division of Taylor & Francis) is now available from Berkshire, along with the Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, another award-winning publication developed originally with Routledge in New York. Orders for print volumes (in limited supply) or for digital access can

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