Recipes & Greetings for the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋快乐

The burly customs officer was talking to a Chinese couple when I approached the final barrier at Newark Airport last September. My long white US customs declaration form.was flapping and I was eager to hand it over and get the PATH train home. What was he quizzing them about? It was obvious from their faces that they did not speak

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A Mooncake Recipe from the Qing Dynasty

...continued from Recipes & Greetings for the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋快乐 Another food book we’ll be publishing soon is the first English edition of a famous culinary manual, the Suiyuan Shidan. Our title is Recipes from the Garden of Contentment, and I went to translator Sean Chen to see if the author, the famous Qing dynasty poet

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Chinese Rice Wines and Spirits: An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Beverages Carolyn Phillips returns to discuss the merits of Chinese rice wines and spirits in this episode of Berkshire Bookworld’s “China Cooks!” Carolyn discusses wines and spirits as accompaniments to Chinese dishes and their use in cooking certain traditional recipes. If you’ve been warned off baijiu 白酒, suffered from an excess of it, or perhaps never even

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Pairing Wine with Chinese Food

Pairing Wine with Chinese Food Carolyn Phillips offers tips about pairing wines with Chinese food, suggesting that other beverages are likely to be a better match. Other experts may disagree, but Carolyn speaks from many years of experience in Taiwan, China, and California, and shares many stories about successful (and unsuccessful) wine pairings. This podcast is

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Perfect meal for jetlag

Waterzooi is odd thing to eat on arrival in Beijing, but it turns out to be a perfect dish when one is fresh off a three-flight trip from Hawaii. Here's Julia Child's recipe:, and many thanks to Phil Baguet for his rendition. We drank Australian wine and then a French dessert wine I'd brought from

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