Kerry Brown reviews Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun: Sino-Japanese Relations Past and Present by June Teufel Dreyer

The late Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew once typified the China-Japan relationship as one where, on one side (China's) nothing is forgotten, and on the other (Japan's) nothing is remembered. This neat summary comes towards the end of June Teufel Dreyer's comprehensive overview of the relationship - Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising

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Berkshire Publishing Goes to China

Originally published in Publishers Weekly Volume 255 Issue 27 07/07/2008 by Judith Rosen Founded a decade ago by Karen Christensen and her ex-husband, David Levinson, as a reference book packager, Berkshire Publishing Group in Great Barrington, Mass., transitioned into a trade and professional publishing house in 2004. But even before that, Christensen knew that the direction she

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Share your favorite Chinese recipe!

As we began to gather and test and share recipes for Chinese dishes, we discovered that the authors and academics we work with at Berkshire Publishing include many expert cooks and enthusiastic diners. Many of our colleagues share our interest in the history and culture of food. While your expertise may be Ming dynasty village life or

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