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We think of Berkshire Publishing as a lot like a travel website, because we want to help you learn about other countries and other cultures. You could even think of this as a time-travel website, because we invite you to explore past centuries and past millennia with us. As our friend and mentor William H. McNeill put it, “Genuinely inclusive world history is such a helpful, even necessary, guide for survival in the crowded world in which we live.”

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Berkshire Spring 2019Flipping through the latest Berkshire Catalog is a good way to start. 

There’s a lot here, so we’ve written this page, with links to some of our favorite writing and resources, to give you a flying start. Here are our most popular posts:

Storms, Zombies, and a Sustainable Future

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And here’s our April Fool’s Day story about T. S. Eliot and cheese, and the April Fool’s joke that backfired.

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