Making a Difference

Environmental sustainability is especially important at Berkshire because the company’s founder and CEO, Karen Christensen, is also an environmental author. Berkshire is continually looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its activities while ensuring that the vital information provided in Berkshire publications reaches a larger readership.

We’ve always intended to make the world a better place through the things that we produce and share. This comes out of Karen’s conviction that all of us want to lead a life that is meaningful and to see the work we do contribute to making the world and the future better. Too many people think that unless you work for an environmental organization, or volunteer for a cause, that you are not making the world a better place, but Karen believes that everyone has opportunities every day to do something to make life better for other people.

We at Berkshire have found that there are certain issues that are simply unknown to most people, even to experts in the field—the enormous environmental footprint of cloud-based data storage being one—and we take great pride in alerting people to things that they can do something about.

Our focus on improving international relations and global understanding is also intended to make a difference, by educating the next generation and helping educators as well as general readers to expand their horizons. As Kerry Brown, editor in chief of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, puts it, “When [Chinese] history has a face, particularly the face of an individual with all their quirks, then it becomes more manageable.”




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