Karen Christensen is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and author. As a young mother, she wrote a number of popular environmental books including Home Ecology and The Armchair Environmentalist. Her articles have appeared in many publications including the Daily Telegraph Magazine and her books on green living were serialized in the Daily Express, Family Circle (UK), and Woman’s Own.

She is the owner and CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group, a controversial former trustee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Press, a member of the National Committee on US-China Relations, associate in research at the Fairbank Center at Harvard University, and founder of the Train Campaign. When she lived in the UK she was a trustee of the Ecological Design Association, speaker on women’s issues for the UK Green Party, and founding member of the Women’s Environmental Network.

Karen was the senior academic editor of the Encyclopedia of Community (SAGE) and also senior editor of the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports (Macmillan). One of her current projects is coauthoring a new version of the classic, landmark guide to “third places,” The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg. Visit www.greatgoodplace.org for details.