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Bon appetit! Cookbooks, blogs, newsletters, & more . . .Bon appetit! Cookbooks, blogs, newsletters, & more . . .

Here are some favorite cookbooks. They are not “green,” nor are they necessarily vegetarian or vegan. But they are packed with great recipes that use lots of vegetables and fruits, grains and legumes, and many celebrate wonderful regional (aka provincial or peasant) cookery. There’s plenty of comfort food, and easy recipes that make us more likely to cook at home. The list itself is a feed from Zotero, and will be automatically updated as books are added.

Hercules, Olia. 2015. Mamushka: A Cookbook. North American edition. San Francisco, CA: Weldon Owen.
Nesteruk, Tatyana. 2020. Beyond Borscht: Old World Recipes from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland & More. Salem, MA: Page Street Publishing Co.
Che, Hannah, and Hannah Che. 2022. The Vegan Chinese Kitchen: Recipes and Modern Stories from a Thousand-Year-Old Tradition. New York: Clarkson Potter.

Real Irish Soda Bread (no raisins, no sugar)

I read a novel set in Ireland this week and this is the happy result: traditional Irish Soda Bread for tea. The recipe comes from http://www.sodabread.info/. It is the simplest recipe I have ever used and it is absolutely delicious. I did not include the optional butter, thus justifying plenty of

Cooking through a crisis

After I published the post “To Cook A Wolf – Baking with M F K Fisher,” the cookbook platform ckbk suggested we collaborate in promoting an idea we both clearly believe: that home cooking can help us get through the COVID-19 crisis. I had picked up How to Cook a Wolf

Foraging & fiddleheads

Long before lockdown began in Massachusetts, I’d been laying in supplies at the urging of my son in Beijing, who’d already been through it. I started planning a vegetable garden, but was a little concerned about getting enough fresh vegetables. It would be ages until there was anything from the garden,

A wholesome loaf

We’re not the first people to need a better daily bread. A loaf  that is 100% whole grain and suitable for both toast and sandwiches. A loaf that is anyone can make, easily. As World War II progressed, the quality of bread in England became a major issue. The ordinary people

Whole-fruit marmalade

We often order a box of grapefruit at Christmas. I had opened the last jar of homemade marmalade in early December and it is also the season in Florida for Seville oranges, the ugly, bitter fruit that produces a delicious preserve. I’ve discovered that it improves with aging. That last jar


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