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Don’t Call Me A Green Consumer

It was the early 1990s and “green” was going corporate. A book called The Green Consumer Guide had become a bestseller in the UK. I lived in London and my first book had just been published; Americans would turn up now and then to nose around. Debra Lyn Dadd, who

The time of our lives

The opening chapter of my first book was about time, not the most obvious aspect of “home ecology.” A book called Time Wars had just been published and I was fascinated by it, and very much conscious of time shortage in my own life. But looking back on this in

Foreword by Jonathon Porritt (Eco Living, Piatkus Books)

Karen Christensen’s first book, the predecessor of Eco Living, came out in 1989. A huge amount has changed during that time and all sorts of things that were still considered pretty wacky in those days are now taken for granted – have become fashionable even. No-one now disputes that we


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