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Welcome to the website companion to the newsletter Home Ecology. They have the same name as my first book, Home Ecology: Making Your World a Better Place, which was published in London when I was 31, with a 3-month-old baby and a toddler. The book was a surprise bestseller thanks to its being chosen one of Britain’s Top 20 Green Books in a national promotion sponsored by The Observer.

You can see my first BBC interview, in which the producer thought it was cute to have me answer questions the time while changing my baby’s nappy (diaper).

You can read about the financial disaster I suffered as a result of threats from the law firm representing McDonalds in what became the infamous McLibel case, when the US hamburger chain McDonalds spent vast sums attacking UK environmentalists.

Most worthy authors of environmental books don’t realize how much we have to think about: daycare, our company’s plans to relocate, finding a date, doing our taxes. They bombard us with statistics and indigestible lists of advice, and mix good practical suggestions with completely nutty ideas (“Write small so you use less paper”). They think we have endless time and money to devote to the cause.

But between trying to get our kids back into an in-person school routine and finding time to go to the gym, we need to know where our choices can have the most impact. And we want environmental thinking to contribute to a sense of well-being and balance in our lives – not to unhinge us altogether! Read “It’s not you, it’s the list (the very very bad list).”

The work continues! Please join me at the new Home Ecology!

Cooking through a crisis

After I published the post “To Cook A Wolf – Baking with M F K Fisher,” the cookbook platform ckbk suggested we collaborate in promoting an idea we both clearly believe: that home cooking can help us get through the COVID-19 crisis. I had picked up How to Cook a Wolf

Foraging & fiddleheads

Long before lockdown began in Massachusetts, I’d been laying in supplies at the urging of my son in Beijing, who’d already been through it. I started planning a vegetable garden, but was a little concerned about getting enough fresh vegetables. It would be ages until there was anything from the garden,


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