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  • The Way of Eating: Yuan Mei's Manual of Gastronomy (Suiyuan Shidan) is the first English translation of the classic 18th-century treatise and cookbook by the Qing dynasty poet Yuan Mei, introducing Chinese culinary philosophy as well as its best-known dishes. Translation by Sean J. S. Chen; foreword by Nicole Mones. English edition, 250 pages.
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    Women’s and Gender History, a Berkshire Essential, provides a look at women's lives and the importance of gender in societies across cultures and time.
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    Asian Cuisines: Food Culture and History of Asia from Japan and China to Afghanistan and Turkey (A Berkshire Essential) is a compilation of expert-written articles on national and regional cuisines as well as agriculture, important foodstuffs, and social and economic issues throughout the world's largest and most diverse continent.
  • Women and Leadership: History, Concepts, and Case Studies provides valuable research by experts on leadership and women’s history to help students and citizens who want a more nuanced explanation of what we know about women as leaders – and about how they have led in different fields, in different parts of the world, and in past centuries.
  • The newest way to think about the universe becomes engaging and personal in Big History, Small World: From the Big Bang to You by Cynthia Stokes Brown, the first book about big history specifically designed to be used in high school courses and with the free curriculum available from the Big History Project cofounded by Bill Gates and David Christian.
  • This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity is a compact, easy-to-read overview of world history ideal for curriculum development, classroom preparation, and student review from one of the editors of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History: "the benchmark against which future history encyclopedias are compared" according to Booklist magazine.
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