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The 74-volume Encyclopedia of China includes coverage of well-known subjects such as provinces and cities, dynasties, and ethnic groups, but also intriguing specialized topics that are not found in Western reference sources.

The articles are in English, and we have added the original Chinese to the following articles for those who want to see the source of our translation: Abacus and Academy of Classical Learning.

You may view the article titles by category, below, and click into the topic you’re interested in. Or you may scroll through the entire work at this page. If you would like suggestions, visit this page, where we have listed some of the articles we think will be of particular comparative interest.


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Geography and Environment

Governance and Politics

Minority Groups

Learning, Language, and Research

Philosophy and Religion

Science, Technology, and Medicine

Sports and Games

Sample article headlines (click for full article)

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the largest and highest plateau in the world, lying in the southwest of China with an area of 2.


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