Thanks to Nicole Mones for alerting me to this wonderful blog from Shanghai. Here’s a brief extract that strikes me as crucial information for any traveler to China who wants to taste everything, as I always do, without getting laduzi (‘pulled stomach’).

Dr Fiona’s Street Food Survival Guide: How To Eat Street Food and Stay Healthy

Many people feel a very natural trepidation towards street food, some avoid it altogether, still others relish that tiny frisson of risk, the Russian roulette excitement that perhaps this will be the morsel that does you in, anxiously waiting for the sweats, the cramps, and the heaves to follow.

But the reality is that 2.5 billion people around the world eat street food every single day, many of them for everyday sustenance, and most of it is perfectly safe.

Most. But for those of us who have a choice about where we eat, and eat street food for the enjoyment and taste rather than for necessary nutrition, just how do you tell the difference between the safe and the harmful?

Well, read through this guide and you’ll have a much better idea, and stick to the Five Street Food Rules at the bottom of the page.
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