“A picture paints a thousand words,” and visual materials are indeed important tools for teaching and learning about China. The image and video center contains a wealth of visual material to illustrate your PowerPoint, paper assignment, or in-class presentation.



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Forbidden City



With Berkshire’s China Gold now available online, and the 2012 Olympic Games in London fast approaching, take a look at our videos related to sports! They are a good point of departure for discussion about Chinese culture, society, and international relations.
Children learning Table Tennis
Live From Beijing
Our office in Beijing frequently sends us videos shot in and around Beijing. These videos show the daily life in a city like Beijing, and will give you a great sense of what it is like to be a real Beijingren 北京人 (Beijinger).
Besides the growing popularity of “Western” holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, China has many traditional holidays and festivals, such as Spring festival (or Chinese New Year), mid-autumn festival (中秋节), October 1st (National Day 国庆节)。
Two Chinese Characters
Two Chinese Characters
Author Interviews
ChinaConnectU is honored to work with many amazing China scholars and specialists. In these interviews the authors introduce and talk about their research, teaching experiences, and ideas about China.
Bill McNeil