Berkshire’s China Gold Online
Berkshire’ beautiful full-color paperback, China Gold: China’s Quest for Global Power and Olympic Glory, is the ideal book to use with students because sports offer a fascinating window into China. All chapters are available online, including downloadable PDF’s and color images.

China Gold Lesson Plan
Berkshire has created an extensive lesson plan to accompany China Gold: China’s Quest for Global Power and Olympic Glory. It includes study questions, paper topics, and suggestions for additional readings.


This video, shot in 1937, shows Chinese men and women practicing martial arts, playing basketball, swimming, diving, and ice skating.

Taiqi in the Park
Image Gallery
Images related to sports from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, Joan Lebold Cohen’s image library, and other sources, for educational purposes and classroom use.
Chinese Women Soccer Team
Encyclopedia of China Articles on Sports
The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China contains many articles on sports in China, from the ancient game of cùjú 蹴踘 (soccer), to the modern day sports training system, and from wǔshù 武术 (martial arts), to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
Sports in Ancient China
Ping-Pong Diplomacy
Read articles on Ping-Pong Diplomacy, US-China relations, and ways that sports can be important for international relations between nations.
Ping Pong Diplomacy