At Berkshire, we like to pride ourselves with being pretty international. Based in the small town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Berkshire has satellite offices in New York and Beijing, staffers working from Germany, China, Colorado, and contributors from around the world.

In addition, we are very passionate about international education. We work a lot on China and ways to support those teaching about China with materials and services. ChinaConnectU, of course, and the recently published Berkshire Essentials volume Education in China are great examples of this. But also our reference works on sustainability and sports are characterized by their international approach, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability has volumes on Azie, Europe/America, and Africa, and the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sports introduces different sport traditions and games from around the world.

Seeing this video this morning, however, made me realize that these Chinese astronauts took the meaning of “satellite” office to a completely new level.

This is no longer international education, but interstellar education! Space travel fascinates many of us, and between Captain Kirk and Major Tom, space monkeys and moonwalks, we have learned a lot about our universe, our history, and even ourselves from these space adventures. These Chinese astronauts thought a one-hour class from their temporary home, the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, to school children in Beijing, and the recording was broadcasted around the country. To view the full lesson with English translation, click here. Even a non-scientific inclined person like myself can get excited by science if it is presented like this!