I already predicted this was going to happen: I start a 30-day challenge and fall of the wagon after day four. Story of my life. But that’s not important. Important is that I’ve climbed back on. And with a good excuse: I was very busy. Working, that is. We are setting up a catalog of online webinars related to China education: teaching about China, teaching Chinese, communicating with Chinese students, educators, and administrators, and much more. This involves getting used to, and learning how to operate, an entire new range of software and online meeting programs. It also involves making (very silly) mistakes and learning from them (for example, sign up your presenter first, before you announce your webinar publicly and it fills up…). We are learning as we go, getting better as we go, and having fun as we go too! Ideas are brewing and bubbling here at Berkshire/ChinaConnectU, and we are excited about this new digital way of spreading our materials, sharing our knowledge, and connecting to you. If you have ideas or suggestions for a topic that you would like to have us discuss, make sure to drop us a line, here at the blog, or at info@chinaconnectu.com. And stay tuned for a full webinar schedule that we will publish soon!

This wasn’t the topic of number 19 of the 31-day business blog topics list, because that was learning about the basics of storytelling and using it to tell a story. I am interested in that, and might do that next time. But not at 6 PM. Then, all I’m interested in is dinner.