March is the month of many things, some you may be familiar with, others might be new. The “31 business blog tips” list suggested you choose one of these events or days that is somehow related to your business, and write about. As you might know by now, choosing is not one of my strong points, so here is a (funny) attempt to make them all somehow relevant to what we are doing at ChinaConnectU!

  • National Nutrition Month. My personal favorite. I LOVE food (the good and the bad…) At ChinaConnectU, we also love good food! Check out our Chinese food center with images, recipes, and book reviews that will make you hungry!
  • National Reading Day (2 March). Easy, we are, after all, a publishing company. Reading is education, and education is reading. They should make this an entire month, not just a day! Curious what the Chinese like to read?  Check out our article on Chinese literature here.
  • Learn from Lei Feng day. Ok. This one may need some explanation for some people. Lei Feng (1940-1962) was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army in China. He died young, and has since become the example of a model citizen, who was praised for his selflessness and modesty. There have been many debates about how much of Lei Feng’s story is actually true, whether or not that matters, and how his life and legacy are an example of historical, political, and social tendencies.
  • International Women’s Day (8 March). And this one shouldn’t need ANY explanation. As with National Reading Day, I think everyday should be International Women’s Day (yes, i’m very biased here).
  • World Math Days (6 March) & Pi Day (14 March). Read my posts on Counting in Chinese, and using movies by Ang Lee for educational purposese
  • Saint Patrick’s Day (17 March). Ok. I’ve thought long and hard, but can’t really find a connection here, except that everybody likes beer, and green is a great color…
  • Earth-Sun Day (18 March). Maybe not so much ChinaConnectU, but Berkshire’s Encyclopedia of Sustainability covers all topics thinkable related to sustainability. I’m sure there’s some article in there about the sun, and perhaps even how the sun influences the earth, which is what this day  is all about. Check the Encyclopedia of Sustainability out for yourself!
  • UN French Language Day (20 March). Quie, tres bien. That’s as far as my knowledge of French goes. We’ll have to wait until 20 April for the UN Chinese Language Day.
  • World Water Day (22 March). See Earth-Sun Day above.