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Character Pinyin English
针刺疗法 zhēncìliáofǎ acupuncture (N)
zhēn needle (N)
中药 zhōngyào (traditional) Chinese medicine(PN)
黄帝内经 Huángdìnèijīng Canon of Medicine (PN)
life energy (N)
经络 jīngluò energy channels (N)
yīn yin (N)
yáng yang (N)
医院 yīyuàn hospital (N)
艾灸 àijiǔ moxibustion (N)
西药 xīyào Western medicine (PN)

Study Questions

  • Based on the information given in the article and your personal experience, discuss how acupuncture differs from Western medicine techniques and practice.
  • In recent years, acupuncture has exploded in popularity in the West, particularly in America. Discuss reasons for this phenomenon.
  • How has the ancient practice of acupuncture evolved to meet modern needs and embrace modern technology?
  • Have you ever had an acupuncture treatment? If so, discuss what the experience was like and any impressions you have about the practice.

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