FAN Hong 凡红 is a professor and director of the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies at University College Cork. She was born in Sichuan and trained as a swimmer in Beijing before pursuing an academic career in the UK. Fan’s recent publications include Sport, Nationalism and Orientalism: The Asian Games (2006).

Duncan Mackay is an award-winning British sports journalist. He studied Chinese history and politics at university and has covered every Olympics since Barcelona 1992. He now writes for the Observer and is publisher and editor of www.insidethegames.com, a website devoted to the Olympic Games. He carried the Olympic torch in London in April 2008.

Karen Christensen worked with hundreds of sports experts as coeditor of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport and senior editor of the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports. She is CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group and publisher of Guanxi: The China Letter.


CAO Shouhe 曹守和 is a professor of sports history at Hangzhou Normal University, China. His recent publications include Modern Chinese Sports History.

CHANG Sheng 常生 is a professor of sport sociology at Nantong University, China, who specializes in athletics in China.

Bjoern Conrad wrote his Master’s thesis on the political and economic implications of the Beijing Olympics and is currently studying at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

 CUI Ying 崔颖 coordinates worldwide out-of-competition testing programs for international federations at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Montreal, Canada.

Scott Eldridge II is a journalist who has written for Guanxi: The China Letter and was a reporter in Washington, D.C., covering U.S.-China international trade policy and economics.

FAN Wei 樊维 is the director of swimming teaching and research at Chengdu Sports University, China.

Jörn-Carsten Gottwald is a lecturer at the College of Business of Law and the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies at University College Cork.

GUO Hong 郭红 is a professor at South China Normal University. Her research areas are sports medicine and sports physiology.

HU Xiaoming 胡小明 is a professor at Huanan Normal University, China. His research interests focus on sports history and sports anthropology.

JIN Yuanpu 金元浦 is a professor of literature at Renmin University of China. He is executive director of the Research Centre of Humanistic Olympic Games in Beijing.

LUO Shiming 罗时铭 is a professor of sports history at Soochow University, China, and author of the History of Olympics in China.

LU Zhouxiang 吕洲翔 is a lecturer in the College of Sports at South West University of Science and Technology, China.

REN Hai 任海 is a professor at Beijing Sport University. He is known for his work in Olympic studies with special reference to China.

TAN Hua 谭华 is a professor in sports history and sociology at South China Normal University in Guangzhou. His publications include the History of Sport of the People’s Republic of China (1999).

Holly Thorpe is a lecturer at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and coeditor (with Douglas Booth) of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sport.

XIONG Huan 熊欢 is a lecturer at the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies, University College of Cork in Ireland. She has written widely on women and sports.

XIONG Xiaozheng 熊晓 is a professor at Beijing Sports University. His publications include Chinese Ancient Sport and Readings of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

ZHANG Ling 张玲 is a physical education instructor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.