It is 23:35 (yes, I’m European, I do military time :P), and I have 25 minutes left to get a post up for photo friday, but I can’t choose. I have been scrolling through my Iphoto for the last 15 minutes, and it is a wonderful trip down memory lane, it reminds me of the great times i’ve had in China, the people I’ve met there, and the things I’ve seen, but I can’t make up my mind which photo I want to put up first. Something pretty, something funny, something meaningful? So I have decided not to choose at all, and do all three. The theme that holds them all together? Nanjing 南京, the Southern capital, the capital of Jiangsu province, capital of the Republic, and a great city in and of itself. So here goes:

1. Pretty, or, what you think China looks like:

Pretty and serene

serene, spiritual, and black and white!

2. Funny, or, what China really looks like:

DIY bus repair

Yes, this is an actual part of a, as far as I could tell, fully functional public transport bus. Take that, all you BMW, VW, and Chrystler master engine builders!







3. Meaningful, or, what we should never forget:

Nanjing was the place of one of the blackest pages in Chinese history, the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, during the Second Sino-Japanese war. In 1985, a large memorial site was built to commemorate the event. The characters read:  “Remember the past as a lesson for the future.”







I know i’m 2 minutes late. I’ll be on time next week. Happy photo friday, everybody!