Happy belated Pancake Day everybody! I had not heard of this holiday until yesterday, when it officially was Pancake Day, but apparently Berkshire has a track record of properly celebrating this holiday with, well, pancakes of course!

But if you think this post will be about pancakes, or the origin of this holiday, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, because it is about bananas.

As I got in this morning, Molly announced she needed a banana for her vegan pancake dough, as a substitute for the egg. I willingly sacrificed my own banana for this cause, and promised Molly she could have it. At 27, however, I apparently already suffer from short term memory loss, because when 2 o’clock came, and I felt a bit peckish, I thought “let’s be healthy, let’s eat a banana!” And before I realized it….I had eaten half my banana. “Are you going to eat the other half of that banana?” Molly accusingly asked me. As soon as I realized my mistake, I tried to save my self by arguing that it was “technically” my banana, but I did feel guilty. And so our wild banana chase began.

Karen didn’t have a banana, Anna didn’t have a banana (she did find a song about not having bananas, though!), and clearly, neither Marjolijn nor Molly had a banana (anymore). Bill had Nutella, but Nutella without a banana is like a New England winter without snow (ask Bill, it is horrible!).

In a final attempt at obtaining a banana, Molly turned to Rachel, who had just contacted her regarding a ChinaConnectU issue. And this is the conversation that unfolded:

Molly.berkshire: Great, by the way do you have a banana?

rachel.berkshire: No, ‘fraid not. Mailchimp giving you trouble?


To clarify, and fend off any animal rights activists, Mailchimp is not our office monkey, but the email program that fights with Molly sometimes…

Now, what have we learned from this Pancake Day wild banana chase?

  1. That unintended figurative interpretation can be very funny
  2. That Marjolijn cannot be trusted with safe guarding the banana’s
  3. That random topics like this make for funny (yet completely unrelated) blog posts
  4.  and that Molly will get her banana, I will personally take care of that!

Now, does this whole story in any way relate to ChinaConnectU? Of course, because Pancake Day may have a completely different meaning in the UK, for us it is a great opportunity to celebrate the fact that ChinaConnectU is now officially live!!!!

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