It is the very first “Photo Friday” in the history of FaceToFace, and I just had to start with this little fellow. Is he about to jump into a pool? Is he going to dance salsa? No, none of the above. To be perfectly honest, I have never figured out exactly what this guy is supposed to do, or why he looks the way he does, because of all the places this photograph could have been taken (the swimming pool, the dance school), I found him in the Shanghai Bowuguan (上海博物馆 Shanghai Museum)! I suspect he is part of the museum’s audio tour for children(press the number next to him on a mobile device and you will be told an interesting story about the artifact you are looking at). And I can’t help but finding it slightly inappropriate if that indeed is the case. What’s with his double ears, or are they earrings? And why is he wearing only his underpants (or swimming trunks?) and socks to a museum? Perhaps most puzzling to me is his pose, which reminded me vaguely of Michael Jackson.

Of course, this funny looking guy was not the only thing I paid attention to while in the Shanghai museum. It is one of the most (if not the most) impressive museum I have ever been to. It covers thousands of years of Chinese history, including actual oracle bones, bronze vessels, calligraphy, painting, statues, sculptures, and even modern art. One day is barely enough time to explore it all, but if you ever get to Shanghai, this is an absolute must see! And while you’re there, please help me to solve the mystery of this little man, and leave a comment when you find out why he looks the way he does!